UK Online Signs Frequently Asked Questions:

Please find below questions that we get asked on a daily basis and the advice or responses we normally give to our customers.

Q. What products do you make?

A. We can manufacture a wide range of sign products including self adhesive stickers & labels, cut vinyl standard and custom made rigid signs in pvc plastic, aluminium or metal alloy composite, engraved signs and banners. We also supply road traffic signs, posts and fixings.

Q. Which is the best an aluminium composite or pvc plastic sign?

A. Aluminium composite is a harder wearing, longer lasting material than pvc plastic but the composite does have a higher cost, this may influence your purchase decision.

Q. What are cut vinyl signs?

A. Cut vinyl signs are made using either aluminium composite or a pvc plastic substrate or sheet. We cut the vinyl lettering or wording from 70 micron thick sign writers vinyl using specialist sign making equipment, we then clean and dry the substrate and then apply the vinyl lettering or wording onto the sheet.

Q. What colour is the best to choose for parking signs?

A. We are asked this question daily and basically there is no correct or best colour, you choose what colour you prefer. Some customers prefer red and some customer prefer yellow or black. One thing you might want to think about is how the sign will fit in with its surroundings and how much you want the sign to stand out to people viewing it.

Q. What are self adhesive digitally printed signs?

A. Self adhesive digitally printed signs are made using 70 micron thick sign writers vinyl. The vinyl is cleaned and treated before we print onto the sheet using an eco solvent ink. The ink then needs 24 hours to cure before we ship them to our customers.

Q. Do you only print labels and stickers at the sizes shown on your website?

A. The sizes shown on our website are the standard sizes we supply. However we can digitally print up to a maximum width of 1200mm and any size below this. If you need a specific size label or sticker, we can adjust the printed sticker or label size to suit your needs subject to minimum quantities.

Q. What are rigid digitally printed signs?

A. Our rigid digitally printed signs are made using 70 micron signwriters vinyl. The vinyl is cleaned and treated before we print onto the sheet using an eco solvent ink. The ink then needs 24 hours to cure before then apply the design to a pvc substrate or sheet, we then ship the order to our customers.

Q. Do your products fade?

A. Like other man made products that are exposed to the sun, sign products can also fade over time (subject to where they are mounted or fitted). This fading is due to the suns ultra violet rays affecting the inks or vinyl colour pigments. This is the same process that fades curtains and pictures in many homes that are located near a window or exposed to direct sunlight.

The fading process is slower on cut vinyl signs than with digitally printed products. This fading process can also affect the substrate the sign are made from but the aluminium composite does have a greater resistance to UV fading that pvc plastic signs.

Q. Do you not drill mounting holes in the rigid signs?

A. We do not drill any holes in our signs unless the customer requests this. We can drill holes into the signs BUT the holes may not line up with where or what the customer wants to screw or fasten the sign to. For example you may want to fasten the signs to a fence but the slats may not line up with the holes we drill and so you would have to drill again and this would result in unsightly holes around the sign.

If you are happy for us to drill mounting holes in the signs leave a comment on the order form page in the comments box provided stating how many holes and where you want them i.e.: centre top & bottom, centre left & right etc.

Q. How do i install my signs?

A. You can install the rigid signs in a number of ways. The most common way is to drill and screw the signs into position. However other ways to fasten the signs include tie wrapping to posts or fence slats. You could use strong double sided VHB tape (very high bond tape) to stick the signs onto a flat smooth & clean surface. We can supply the signs with VHB tape already adhered to the back of the signs please call for prices.

Q. Can i install my sign onto a round post?

A. You can install a rigid sign onto a round post in one of two ways. you could either drill the sign and screw it to a post or you could have a metal alloy or aluminium composite sign with metal sign channel fitted to the rear of the sign. With this channel fitted you could then mount the sign onto a 76mm round sign post using specialist clips and fixing that we can supply, contact us for prices.

Please note pvc plastic signs are not suitable for sign channel & clip fixing only metal alloy or aluminium composite signs are suitable to mount the channel on the rear of the sign.

Q. How do i install my self adhesive label?

A. To install or apply a self adhesive label or sticker, you will need a flat, dry, clean, oil free surface. Just peel away the backing sheet and mount into position. You can also apply to uneven surfaces such as round posts, curved surfaces etc as long as the are clean, dry and free of oil.

Q. Will the rigid signs be OK for outdoor use?

A. The aluminium composite cut vinyl signs have an outdoor lifespan of up to 6-7 years. The pvc plastic cut vinyl signs have an outdoor lifespan of 3-5 years. The times stated are subject to environmental influences and are given as a guide only. We have made signs that we pass daily that have lasted since 2003. The vinyl is designed and manufactured to give 7 year lifespan and the alloy composite is a 5 year minimum lifespan product.

Q. Do we sell vandal proof signs?

A. Unfortunately we do not believe there is a sign that is vandal proof. However steps can be taken to avoid vandals damaging your signs. For digitally printed signs or cut vinyl signs you could mount a clear piece of Perspex, Acrylic or Polycarbonate sheet over the sign. Alternatively you could place the sign in a position that is difficult to reach or access. Even with clear plastic sheeting covering the sign there is nothing to stop anyone scratching or tearing off the protective plastic fascia or throwing bricks or stones that could shatter the plastic cover.

Q. Can you print my company logo on my sign?

A. We can print your logo onto our signs subject to a quotation and minimum quantities and suitable artwork.

Q. What format do you accept for custom artwork?

A. We design our artwork using Coreldraw X7 software on a windows operating system. For cut vinyl signs we would require vectorised artwork so our equipment can read and cut the vinyl designs.

Q. How long will my order take?

A. We do not carry any pre-made stock, we make all the sign orders as we receive them. We do carry stock of the substrates and signwriters vinyl's required and manufacture the products in the order we receive them. Most orders can be despatched the same day or within 24-48 hours subject to our stock of necessary materials.

However road traffic signs, banners and engraved products do take longer to manufacture. Please allow 7-10 days from date of order for deliveries of these products.

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